Why you should use Pancake

1. Save money, serious money!

With its awesome one time fee, you can use Pancake for as long as you like. No need to keep paying others just so you can get paid!

2. Stop losing un-billed hours.

Know exactly how many hours have been worked and when. Help your team make sure that every hour of hard work they put into your project gets billed for. Pancake keeps track of what's been billed for and what hasn't ensuring you get paid.

3. Get paid, on time, every time.

Pancake allows you to instantly invoice your clients on a fixed rate, an hourly basis, or just because you want to, all while ensuring that they can quickly pay you through the method of your choice.

4. Keep your projects on track and on time, like a well oiled profit factory.

With elegant project management Pancake keeps you organized and operating at maximum efficiency. Quickly glance at your tasks, assign tasks to other teams members if you wish and get started! Once you've started a task, start the timer for that task and Pancake will ensure that time is billed for!

5. Track your time with ease!

Like your 9th grade math teacher, Pancake has an unwavering eye on the clock and makes sure every minute is accounted for. Through a stand alone timer app, or the timers within the app, it's very easy to track your time. Out to meet with a client? Grab your phone and start the timer. No more free meetings, no more stress, no more lost time.

6. Own your brand, own your client's experience

Pancake is installed on your server, alongside your website, and is really easy to theme. This means that you can make your billing system look exactly like your brand, providing a much more professional experience to your client. In fact, your client will never see the Pancake name, so unless you tell them, they'll probably think this is your own slick system.

7. Let your clients help themselves!

I'm not sure about you, around tax season all our clients used to call up and get us to send over copies of all the invoices we sent them through the year, what a waste of time that was. Now Pancake makes it effortless for your clients to retrieve their own invoices, view the status of their projects and open support tickets, should you allow that.

No more wasted time and much happier clients!

8. Get paid for support!

With a built in support ticket system that allows you to enable paid priority tiers, or just free ones, you'll cut down on support time while ensuring that time spent is billed for.

9. Always stay up to date, effortlessly.

Updates to Pancake are free. This means that as we ship new features and improvements weekly, you get them! Pancake auto-updates itself, so it's like having a managed solution, without the exorbitant monthly fees.

10. Time to own your data! Migrate easily and without headaches to Pancake

Pancake has a slick import tool that allows you to import from anywhere that you can export your data from. Free yourself from other people owning your data and regain control. I'm not keen on others looking through my business's internal data, pretty sure that doesn’t sit well with you either. Pancake puts everything on your own server. It’s your data, and your peace of mind.

♥. We love our product and so do our users.

Thousands of people like you use Pancake to manage whats important to their business, saving money and freeing up time to do more things they love.

Would you like to save time and money? Of course you do, no need to remind you.

Get started today, in no time you'll be up and running, like a well oiled profit machine ;)

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