Online Invoicing

Invoicing isn't fun, but it should be easy. Pancake lets your clients pay invoices online in seconds.

Send invoices with one click

App Screenshot Once you've created your invoice, it's super easy to send a customized email to your client with a link to their invoice. They can then pay it immediately, no waiting, just paid.

Get paid immediately via PayPal

App Screenshot Tired of waiting for payment to arrive in the mail? Pancake helps you get paid right now. And once payment has been completed, any files attached to the invoice will become available for your client to download.

Create as many invoices as you want!

App Screenshot You've gotta eat! Unlike hosted solutions, Pancake will not limit how many invoices you can send each month, in fact there are no limits at all! Have 75 clients? Great! Add them all, and send them 100s or 1000s of invoices!

Keep an eye on your stacks

App Screenshot Pancake helps you keep an eye on where you are at, by tracking who has and hasn't paid. Basically, this means that you send an invoice your client can view online and Pancake will let you know when they pay. Easy!

Set up recurring invoices

App Screenshot Repeating yourself is a pain. Why build the same invoice up every week or month when you could let Pancake do that for you? Invoice retainers, monthly web hosting, etc and collect payments all automatically.

Reuse items as much as you want

App Screenshot Recycling is a good thing, so why waste time and effort writing in the same items and prices over and over again? Set up some reusable items and just start typing in your invoices to see them pop up.