Time Tracking

You might tell yourself you'll remember how much time you've spent, or you might have a whole application specifically for time tracking, or even use a dashboard widget. Stop all of that and use Pancake's crazy-simple timer, built right into your tasks!

Use the timer to track your time easily

App ScreenshotTrack time spent on a task with a start / stop timer that is smart enough to deal with you going offline for a bit, so you won't randomly lose your time just because the coffee-shop wifi cut out for a minute.

Control what the client sees

App ScreenshotSometimes you need to hide a task from a client. Maybe the task is "Create a new EC2 instance with root password of zxcSDF243f", which you don't really want the client to see. Uncheck this box and you can still track time, but the client wont see the task.

View detailed timesheets

App ScreenshotPrint off detailed breakdowns of where all the time was spent, with the option to add notes to each chunk of time. If you have multiple users tracking time it will even put user names in, which can help you check up on your employees!

Log your time manually

App Screenshot Stuck in a client meeting for hours, way over your retainer? Log this time in Pancake when you finally get away to have it appear on the invoice, attached to a task or just enter a note.