Client Access Area

Clients can be crazy and needy, we get that! Through a simple interface you can interact with your clients, show progress and hours logged on tasks, share files for approval, brainstorm ideas as well as allow them to view all their invoices and proposals. Pancake makes CRM easy!

Give your client access to their own dashboard

App ScreenshotOnce a client is logged in they can see everything that is going on in one place. They will stop pestering you for progress reports because they can see exactly what is happening.

Your client and only your client

App ScreenshotHaving your client spy on your every move is handy, but allowing others to see this however would be bad news. The Kitchen (Client Access Area) is protected with a password so your information can be kept secret.

Discuss the project, proof files and collaborate!

App ScreenshotKeep the conversation right in the dashboard, with email notifications. This will help you refer back to decisions made at earlier stages in a project and hopefully help you keep a handle on scope creep.

See when they viewed their invoice

App Screenshot"You didn't receive the invoice? Well I can see here that you opened it at 6:03pm on Tuesday..."