Project Management

Generally Project Management is probably the least interesting part of your day, but Pancake does a great job of making it quick and easy. You won't see any Gantt charts in here, just simple milestones, tasks and time tracking, which can be turned into invoices with one click!

Create invoices with one click

App ScreenshotWe all enjoy invoicing, but the faster you can build that invoice the faster you can get back to making more money or building that Lego Death Star you've always wanted to finish! Pancake helps you do that with the "Generate Invoice" button, which takes Task or Project specific rates into consideration along with time and builds you a detailed invoice with one click!

Keep track of your tasks

App ScreenshotTame the beast! With simple to use project management, Pancake lets you keep track of whats important - getting tasks accomplished. When those tasks are done you can mark them as complete to show progress!

Create milestones and manage your priorities

App ScreenshotYou're on the go now, keep track of where you are going and how to get there! Assigning milestones to projects helps keep everyone on track. Very quickly you can set them up, add some tasks and get billing for projects.

Charge the proper rate for your client

App ScreenshotWe know that you are "kind of a big deal" with clients all around the world, so you need to use multiple currencies. Go ahead! Projects can be done in whatever currencies you like with custom rates or set a cron job to update conversion rates from Google.