Why Pancake?

Pancake makes it super simple to keep you, your business and your clients on track. Bill time, get paid... like a baus!

Keep your data private

Keep prying eyes away from your data by keeping it all on your own server. This means you can handle your own backups, export your data however you like and stay in control of your sensitive client information.

Install on your own server

You can install it on any server you like! Pancake is not a hosted application, meaning you are in charge. Unlike hosted solutions, the price won't go up on you one month and there will be no service-wide down-time for heavy traffic.

Easy to Extend

Pancake is built on top of a super-popular PHP framework called CodeIgniter, which makes it really easy to modify and build themes for. Even the whole admin area can be changed with a new theme! Your developer and your designer will be super happy to work with it.

One-time fee

Pancake has a single, one-time fee of $149 then it is yours forever. No monthly subscriptions, no locked "premium features", no hidden costs, no upgrade fees, nothing. Compare this to hosted services that charge you $10-20 a month and it won't take long for you to have made a saving.