How to perform a manual update

Occasionally you may need to manually update your Pancake. This is really simple and will only take 5 minutes or so (waiting for files to transfer is the longest part). The most important part is to make a backup of your files and your database itself as that will ensure that you can always revert and restore your data.

1. Download the latest version of Pancake from your account at

2. Backup your system/pancake/config/database.php file, your uploads directory and your database. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP. There have been several cases where people didn't follow the instructions correctly and having a backup saved their data.

3. Upload the system and third_party folders, replacing the existing ones.

4. Place your backed-up database.php file back into system/pancake/config/database.php.

That's it! Your Pancake should be up to date and working well.