November 18 2015

Pancake 4.8.50 Released

November 12 2015

Pancake 4.8.49 Released

November 12 2015

Pancake 4.8.48 Released

November 8 2015

Pancake 4.8.47 Released

November 6 2015

Time Tasks Faster with Maple

Maple is a new app for Mac OS X that lives in your menu bar. It's a small, fast, and lightweight timer that integrates right into your pancake install.

November 5 2015

Pancake 4.8.46 Released

November 1 2015

Pancake 4.8.45 Released

October 28 2015

Pancake 4.8.44 Released

October 18 2015

Pancake 4.8.43 Released

October 11 2015

Pancake 4.8.42 Released

September 25 2015

Pancake 4.8.41 Released

September 19 2015


PayPal has recently been sending out an email to those who use Pancake for PayPal payments. This is not a cause for concern. PayPal is updating their SSL certificate and the only people who would be affected are people running Pancake on servers that haven't been updated in at least 10 years (which wouldn't understand the newer, more secure certificate). Pancake's own website already uses the same type of SSL certificate that PayPal is now switching to, so if there was a problem with your server, you'd have noticed because Pancake wouldn't have been able to install or update itself.

September 11 2015

Pancake 4.8.40 Released

September 8 2015

Pancake 4.8.39 Released

September 8 2015

Pancake 4.8.38 Released