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February 16 2014

Tracking time, tracking treasure, tracking all the things!

One of the most asked for items in Pancake is a stand alone timer than can be used on Desktop and mobile devices, well we delivered!

Under the "More" tab in the menu you'll find a item called "Pancake Timer App", clicking this will spawn a timer in it's own window that you can quickly start and stop your timer from.

Timer menu under More navigation item

The best part is, if you click save to homescreen on your mobile device it will install this timer as an "app" with it's own icon. Once you have done that, you'll be asked to login, remember to click "Remember me" and you'll have an instantly available timer at your disposal.

Client calls you up and has questions? Start the timer!

Working in a coffee shop and feel inspired to sketch some designs for a project? Start the timer!

It's so easy and you'll love using it, you're going to recover so much time now!

Go check it out!!