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July 10 2012

Pancake, poetry and economic theory

Getting people to make the switch from one invoicing app to another is hard. In economics, these are known as switching costs. Many companies will offer discounts or incentives in order to reduce the perceived switching cost. What do we do at Pancake? We turn prospects into performing lions to get a coupon code. We turn you over to Pancake follower @gobabana66:

Self-hosted project management would be a dream
To my freelance clients, professional I would seem
With stacks of features, work would be easy as pie
And I can finally kiss old software goodbye.
No more forgotten attachments or lost emails
Pancake app knows that it's all in the details.
Mmm, this poem has made me hungry.
Might be time to get food in my tummy.
What would you do for a Pancake coupon code? The bar has been set, and it's as high as it is covered in syrup.