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March 6 2012

Now Hiring - Designer

Pancake Payments is looking for designer who can code html/css and maybe knows a thing or two about jQuery. We need someone who can jump in, make things look pretty, help organize stuff and is willing to share their ideas on how we can improve.

We don't care what school you went to.
How many years you have been employed.
Who your friends are.

You will be responsible for both our actual product's interface as well as improving our site so you will need to know your way around Git, you don't have to know it inside and out, but being able to get started right away is important.

We like to keep things simple, hit us up by email or Skype (thatleeguy) and lets chat.

Please have examples of your work handy, like we said we dont care about your resume, we want to see your work!