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July 5 2012

Introducing Instant and Supreme packages

Our customers often share the two main reasons they buy Pancake with us:

  1. You get to host & own the app yourself
  2. Low cost of ownership

For every Pancake user who is happy installing Pancake on their own server, there is another who just wants to use the app without having to deal with setup. So we can help this second group of users, we're announcing two new services: Pancake Instant and Supreme.

Pancake Instant

Instant is our offer to install Pancake for you. All you need to do is have a domain name & hosting (check server requirements), and we'll go ahead and install Pancake for you.

Buy Instant along with Pancake and you could be up and running in no time at all.

Pancake Supreme

We understand it is imperative for some users that support is always available, especially when they need it the most. Supreme is our priority support service. Where normally we deal with support queries in the order they arrive, Supreme customers receive priority support, including a 12 hour guaranteed response time (24 hours on weekends).

Do regular customers still get support?

Of course! We're proud of the support we offer all our customers, but we understand that there are occasions when you need help as quickly as possible.

I already own Pancake - can I have priority support?

Certainly. Just head over to the order page and de-select the Pancake app option.