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June 28 2012

Improved support for Pancake

Keeping up with support on Pancake has been one of the most challenging parts of selling a software product. We're proud of the way we handle support tickets, but until now every ticket we have answered is time could have spent developing the app.

We've made big changes to the way we now deal with support & we'd like to share those with you.

New Community Manager

Joe is our new community manager and is the first port of call for support queries. Having a dedicated person to watch for incoming queries improved our response time and reduced the chance that any query goes unresolved.

New Support Center

Pancake Support Center

We have a new Support Center which is HQ for any questions you might have. It includes more FAQ entries than before, documentationQ+A where the Pancake community can talk to each other and the option to submit a support ticket.

Improved support channels

Now that we have a dedicated support manager, you can get help in a variety of ways depending on your needs:

What about the old forums?

We are phasing out the forums for the move to the new Support Center. The forums were ripe with spam bots and it was difficult for Pancake staffers to spend the time moderating the discussion. By joining in the community Q+A in the Support Center, Pancake staff get notified each time a new post is made.

What's next?

With our new community manager, we'll be aiming to keep the blog more active and to resurrect the Pancake newsletter. We're very much aware that a good number of Pancake users are developers and tinkerers themselves, so if you have anything you'd like us to cover then feel free to email support@pancakeapp.com with any suggestions.