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August 10 2011

Everything is automatic!

Listening to some Matthew Good with no internet inspired me to write about all the things in Pancake that are automatic, then I realized that would be a rather long post. So instead I am going to write about automatic File Delivery, or as we like to call it “A friendlier file hostage situation”.

Many times we find ourselves in a tight spot, the client wants some deliverable from you, but wants to pay you “next week”. Its a crappy place to be, do you send them the files and hope they pay you or do you stand your ground and insist on payment first?

I don’t know about you, but that I hate that place and that’s why I think Pancake’s File Delivery system is fantastic. You attach all the deliverables to the invoice that you send the client. You tell them that you use a file delivery application that will automatically deliver the files to them after they complete the transaction via PayPal or whatever method you specify. The client receives the invoice with the deliverables listed in the deliverable’s section along with a notice saying that they will be able to download them immediately upon payment confirmation.

You then get to sit back knowing that if they really need the files “TODAY BY 3PM!!1!” they will find a way to pay you. They have complete control over when they receive their files and you don’t have to sit around waiting for confirmation of payment before you email them the deliverables. Once the payment is complete Pancake will automatically provide them with a download link for the files leaving you to do more important things such as playing beer pong or writing that novel you always wanted to do.

It really is simple!

Things you have to do:
1. Create an invoice
2. Attach the deliverables to the invoice
3. Send client invoice
4. Open Beer/Coffee/Tea/Cola/Organic hippy juice….
5. Relax.

Things your client has to do:
1. Pay invoice
2. Download files instantly after payment
3. Tell everyone how awesome and professional your work is

See! I wasn’t being pretentious when I said it was fantastic, it is!